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When asked what we mean by ‘health and safety at work’ many of us might think about dangerous environments, such as working at height or with heavy machinery. In reality, every workplace should consider health and safety, no matter how big or small they may be. For example, trip hazards, evacuation procedures and lifting safely are all things that organisations should be considering but often forget. We offer courses including, but not limited to, COSHH, DSE, Manual Handling and Fire Marshall Training

health & safety, health & safety, Website Name
health & safety, health & safety, Website Name

iosh managing safety

Health and Safety in the workplace isn’t something that only a few nominated individuals are responsible for. In this course, we highlight why health and safety should be an integral part of day-to-day management in the workplace.

IOSH are chartered in the health and safety space, recognised as industry leaders for health and safety training throughout the workplace. At SPP Solutions, we are proud to be recognised as an approved and trusted provider of the widely-renowned IOSH Managing Safely course.

The IOSH Managing Safely course is designed for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organisation, to acquire the knowledge and practical actions they need to take to tackle the health and safety issues they are responsible for.

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Health and Safety is a fact of life. Being untrained in the workplace is inviting danger.

Health and safety is all of our responsibility. Many organisations have very little (or even no) provision in place for health and safety, whilst others might leave their health and safety commitments to one or two individuals. The truth is, every employee has responsibility for their own health and safety and that of their colleagues. Our ‘Health and Safety at Work’ course is designed to deliver the fundamentals of health and safety for any employee and can be tailored to the specifics of each organisation. Our IOSH Managing Safely is specifically designed for Managers or Supervisors.

health & safety, health & safety, Website Name
health & safety, health & safety, Website Name

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We know that at times health and safety can feel a bit like a chore. We lead such busy, often chaotic, lives and the thought of ‘another’ training course can often mean health and safety is overlooked. That is, of course, until the worst happens and someone is injured or killed in the workplace – it may sound dramatic, but it happens – nearly 700,000 people were injured at work in the UK in 2019/20, sadly hundreds also die every year.

At SPP Solutions, we make health and safety training practical, fun and engaging so that it becomes an enjoyable and useful exercise that improves the health and safety of you and your colleagues in the real world, as opposed to being a tick-box exercise.

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