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personal safety

what do we mean by personal safety

For some, personal safety means avoiding potential trouble at all costs, whilst for others, it focuses on having the ability to safely remove yourself from a dangerous situation should you ever find yourself in trouble. By understanding how troublesome people and criminals think and operate, we can grow our own awareness of incidents that may compromise our personal safety. However, when conflict is unavoidable, we can teach you the methods to safely remove yourself from a situation.

Personal Safety training does not teach you how to fight or argue, we teach you methods to avoid, manage and if needed, escape from difficult situations.

Personal Safety, Personal Safety, Website Name
Personal Safety, Personal Safety, Website Name

how to resolve conflict

The best way of resolving conflict is to avoid it to start with. However, conflict can come in many forms, sometimes at a point when we least expect it. It may be physical or verbal – but in either case, there are things that you can do to make the situation calmer, safer and hopefully find a mutually acceptable resolution.

who is personal training safety for

We can help by giving you help and constructive proven advice that will help to keep you safer in today’s society.

Our personal safety training courses are for anyone who wants to improve their ability to recognise, avoid, manage or if needed, escape, from conflict.

Our courses cater to a range of scenarios, from verbal conflict in the workplace to physical conflict and give attendees the tools and techniques they need to increase their personal safety wherever they may be.

We also offer bespoke courses for those who are travelling to hostile environments, including providing country and travel briefs – These courses can last for 1-4 days depending upon your requirements.

Personal Safety, Personal Safety, Website Name